Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave Dinobot broken :( (Hasbro/Playskool Heroes toy review)

Our Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot broke just three days after we got him, and we're not the only ones.

In the video that I mention our broken Heatwave the Rescue Dinobot, other people have commented that theirs broke too! Not one other person, not two, but THREE other people have broken Heatwaves. That makes four including us!

This is the smaller Heatwave that came out earlier this year, not the large one that arrived in stores late this Summer.

Here is the video of us unboxing him:

This is the video that I mention ours broke in, and the one that has all the comments from our fans mentioning that theirs broke too!

Here is video of the large Heatwave Dinobot toy, which we do not own, so we don't know if it breaks as easily:

I only hope that Hasbro and Playskool Heroes take heed that these cool little toys are breaking easily and do not stand up to regular toddler play! We love, love, LOVE our Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots and don't want to have to stop buying them, but they aren't worth the money if they break too easily.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Transformers Rescue Bots season 3

Man, we are PUMPED for Transformers Rescue Bots Season 3! Netflix finally recently got season 2 and we just finished it up, so we are ready for the next season.

We've been noticing lots of Rescue Bots Dinobots toys and couldn't figure it out, since we hadn't seen any on the show. Well, Hasbro has released a SEASON 3 TRAILER and there are Dinobots in it!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Day Out With Thomas 2014 - with Talking Thomas!

We love Day Out With Thomas! We go to the one in Felton, CA, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I only hope my now-3-year-old wants to go for a few more years yet!

We got lots of video this year, here's our Day Out With Thomas 2014 Playlist:

You'll see Talking Thomas! Also watch for an exclusive preview of the new Thomas and Friends movie, Thomas: Tale of the Brave, due out fall 2014!

Imaginext Series 3 blind bag codes

Here are the codes for each of the Imaginext Figures in the Series 3 blind bags.

36 - NINJA SANTA ("North" from Rise of the Guardians)
40 - HAZMAT GUY (Walter White from Breaking Bad)
41 - BOMB TECHNICIAN (We thought he was a Mars Explorer)


We got the Walter White figure, the bomb tech, the swamp figure, North from Rise of the Guardians, and the Zombie.

It was not the first time I got a Zombie blind bag! I also have opened one Walking Dead chibis blind bag.

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