Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thomas MINIS blind bag codes 2015

This post is for the 2015 Thomas & Friends blind bags available from WalMart. If you're at Target, do not use these codes!

Find Toys R Us and Target's 2016 Thomas MINIS blind bag codes here.

Find a complete archive of Thomas and Friends blind bags flyers here.

Here are the codes for the Thomas minis blind bags! I've made it into a handy graphic so you can pint it, gram're free to do whatever you want with it. BUT! Use the codes at your own risk. I did spend some time checking the videos of other YouTubers, and their codes seem to match up with what we got. However, I've seen at least one Tumblr page that has completely different codes from us-- some of them for characters we haven't even seen available yet!

Again, WalMart 2015 and Target 2016 Thomas Minis have two different codes. If you're not sure, take a look at the front of the bag. The 2015 bags mostly just say MINIS and sometimes have the code. The 2016 bags have a red strip that say 2016/1 (2016 wave 1).

Thomas MINIS blind bag codes are found about a third of the way down on the left hand side of the Thomas and Friends blind bags, either on the front or back of the bag. There will be a batch code ("G46A" for instance), followed by a forward slash, and then a two-digit code. (I wasn't even paying attention to the batch codes because they were all the same, but learned that they were batch codes from awesome YouTuber Racegrooves, in a comment he left for Leokimvideo.)

The two digit code should match up to a Thomas character:

Wave 1 Thomas minis blind bags released Spring 2015:
01 - Classics Thomas
02 - Spooky Percy
03 - Metallic James
04 - Racers Gordon
05 - Classics Edward
06 - Spooky Salty
07 - Neon Toby
08 - Classics Henry
09 - Old School Diesel

10 - Spooky Emily
11 - Classics Dash
12 - Classics Diesel 10 "D-10"
13 - Chillin' Paxton
14 - Classics Stephen
15 - Heroes Victor
16 - Classics Scruff
17 - Racers Bill
18 - Classics Bert

Wave 2 Thomas minis blind bags released Autumn 2015:
38 - Racers Thomas
39 - Dino Percy

40 - Classics James
41 - Chillin' Gordon
42 - Robo Edward
43 - Old School Salty
44 - Classics Spencer
45 - Robo Henry
46 - Heroes Diesel
47 - Classics Emily
48 - Racers Dash
49 - Classics Paxton

50 - Dino Stephen
51 - Classics Victor
52 - Old School Scruff
53 - Classics Bill
54 - Neon Bert
55 - Classics Luke
56 - Spooky Porter
57 - Thomas as Superman
58 - Diesel 10 D-10 as the Joker
59 - Millie as Harley Quinn

60 - Spencer as Cyborg
61 - Golden Thomas/Metallic Thomas
62 - Metallic Percy
63 - Neon James
64 - Classics Gordon
65 - Racers Spencer
66 - Chillin' Edward
67 - Classics Toby
68 - Neon Henry
69 - Classics Bash

70 - Spooky D-10/Frankenstein Diesel-10
71 - Classics Hiro
72 - Robo Millie
73 - Classics Charlie
74 - Chillin' Sidney
75 - Classics Ben
76 - Chillin' Skarloey
77 - Classics Gator
78 - Classics Porter
79 - Heroes Samson

(DC Super Friends Superheroes)
80 - Charlie as The Riddler
81 - Thomas as Batman
82 - James as Flash Gordon (a blind bag exclusive!)

83 - Percy as Robin

You can see us open up our Thomas and Friends MINIS blind bags here:
Thomas MINIS bags 1-9
Thomas blind bags 10-18
Thomas blind bags 61-83

And don't forget to watch our Thomas MINIS playlist, which also includes our Collector's Playwheel MINIS case with Golden Thomas.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Transformers Rescue Bots: Blurr and Salvage

We are SO EXCITED that we managed to nab not just Rescue Bots Blurr, but also Salvage! Salvage was from Target and Blurr from Walmart, so we didn't even have to hit up eBay. YAY! We can't wait to see how these new bots join Rescue Bots season 4.

Check out our reviews of Salvage (a garbage truck) and Blurr (a racecar) here:

Thomas MINIS! We have mini-fever XD

Have you SEEN the new Thomas minis?! To say that we're excited about them would be an understatement.

We've uploaded two of our Thomas and Friends minis videos to our YouTube toy channels, but we still have the blind bags to go! We'll be updating this space with the Thomas blind bag codes, so watch for that. In the meantime, you can peep our Thomas minis playlist here.....

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