Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Transformer Rescue Bots Mini Con Friends

Playskool Heroes has released two new Transformers Rescue Bots toys; Drake the Dragon Bot and Servo the Bot Dog. Together, they're called Rescue Mini-Con Friends.

These toys transform easily for little hands but are actually pretty convincing! That is, Servo really does look like a large drill instead of just a transformed robot dog.

They're also better quality than I've come to expect from Playskool Heroes Rescue Bot toys, and I expect them to hold up much longer than the previous similar Rescue Dinobots toys.

See more on YouTube: Rescue Mini Con Friends.

Thomas MINIS blind bag codes 2016

This post is for the 2016 Thomas & Friends blind bags available from Target.

Find a complete archive of Thomas and Friends blind bags flyers here.

So far, just Thomas MINIS blind bag codes 01 through 19 are been available in the US, mostly at Target.

01 - Classics Thomas
02 - Racing Course Percy
03 - Classics Paxton
04 - Graffiti Gordon
05 - Classics Stephen
06 - Classics Henry
07 - Classics Bash
08 - Classics "D-10" Diesel 10
09 - Classics Charlie
10 - Classics Scruff
11 - Classics Flynn
12 - Spooky Edward
13 - Creatures Samson
14 - Electrified Luke
15 - Electrified Iron Bert
16 - Sweets Sidney
17 - Sweets Emily
18 - Sports Salty
19 - Classics Stanley

As always, use at your own risk and let us know in the comments if you get something different from us. I'll update this space as the new blind bags come out.
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