Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Thomas blind bags! (Superman Thomas! Batman Thomas!)

Here's a sneak peak of the flyer from the new Thomas and Friends blind bags. I'll be posting the codes for the bags we've been able to find here on the blog in the coming days, as well as the opening videos on YouTube. Really exciting (hint: Thomas and Friends as DC Comics characters).
Thomas the Train characters as DC Super Friends -- Thomas as Batman, Percy as Robin, James as the Flash, Thomas and Superman, Diesel 10 "D-10" as the Joker, Millie as Harley Quinn, Charlie as the Riddler, Spencer as Cyborg.
I also wanted to point out that the opposite side of this flyer (not pictured) has a glaring error; they switched out the rows for "Racers" and "Heroes", but left the engine names from the previous version. So for instance, Heroes Thomas is labeled as Gordon, since he's in the spot formerly occupied by Racers Gordon.

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