Friday, September 11, 2015

Thomas MINIS blind bag Codes (updated with new WAVE 2 Thomas & Friends blind bag codes)

This post is for the 2015 Thomas & Friends blind bags available from WalMart. If you're at Target, do not use these codes!

Find a more complete list of WalMart's 2015 Thomas MINIS blind bag codes here.

Find a complete archive of Thomas and Friends blind bags flyers here.

UPDATE 1/15/2016: If you're at Target DO NOT use these codes! These are the codes for 2015 Thomas Minis blind bags which were WalMart exclusives. Target has 2016 Thomas and Friends Minis blind bags, with new, different codes. We will post with the updated codes separately from this post. Again, WalMart 2015 and Target 2016 Thomas Minis have two different codes. If you're not sure, take a look at the front of the bag. The 2015 bags mostly just say MINIS and sometimes have the code. The 2016 bags have a red strip that say 2016/1 (2016 wave 1).

New 2015 Thomas blind bags are here! Kind of.

It's taking a long time for them to roll out in all the stores here in the U.S., complicated by the fact that we can only buy them at WalMart. In the States, Thomas minis are a WalMart exclusive.

As you may know, the first wave of Thomas blind bags was released back in the Spring of this year. They only released blind bags with codes 01 through 18, with plans to release the rest in the fall. Well, fall is here (or it will be in a couple of weeks), so the new bags have started popping up in stores.

The thing is, most of our local Bay Area WalMarts still have the old bags, with codes 01 though 18. :( I was so excited to find some of the new ones at WalMart in the next town over, only to return to that WalMart a couple of days ago to find the old ones back on the shelves. I did manage to pick up nearly all of them with codes starting at number 38 up to 60, with a few missing in the 50s. I picked up the rest last week in a very,very remote Northern California WalMart.

Meanwhile, we are still missing blind bags 19 through 37, although one viewer mentioned that he's only been able to find as high as 37 in New Jersey, the opposite side of the country. So it looks like different parts of the U.S. are getting different bags so far.

We're also missing 61 on up. That was originally supposed to say 61 through 75, but Fisher Price threw us a curveball this time-- they've added 8 new Thomas minis to the list, bringing the total number of Thomas minis available to 83. And the new additions are extremely cool. While the original lineup did include five generic superhero versions of Thomas, Samson, Victor, Hiro, and Diesel, they've since added licensed versions of DC Comics super heroes! There's Thomas as Batman, Percy as Robin, James as the Flash, Thomas as Superman, D-10 as the Joker, Millie as Harley Quinn, Charlie as the Riddler, and Spencer as Cyborg. (Am I the only one having a hard time with their renaming of Diesel 10 as "D-10"? Sheesh.)

With the new minis, they've changed the flyer checklist that comes in the blind bags, removing all of the Classics series and replacing it with the DC Super Friends trains. It's worth noting that there's a glaring error on the new flyer, with some of the trains on the opposite side labeled with the wrong names.

Anyway, here are ALL the Thomas & Friends minis blind bag codes available to me so far. As always, use at your own risk and if you get something different from me, please let me know.

Note: they've moved the blind bag codes from the middle of the front on the left to the back upper right corner of the bags. There is a four-digit batch code, a forward slash, then the two-digit blind bag code.

Wave 1 Thomas minis blind bags released Spring 2015:
01 - Classics Thomas
02 - Spooky Percy
03 - Metallic James
04 - Racers Gordon
05 - Classics Edward
06 - Spooky Salty
07 - Neon Toby
08 - Classics Henry
09 - Old School Diesel
10 - Spooky Emily
11 - Classics Dash
12 - Classics Diesel 10 "D-10"
13 - Chillin' Paxton
14 - Classics Stephen
15 - Heroes Victor
16 - Classics Scruff
17 - Racers Bill
18 - Classics Bert

Wave 2 Thomas minis blind bags released Autumn 2015:
38 - Racers Thomas
39 - Dino Percy
40 - Classics James
41 - Chillin' Gordon
42 - Robo Edward
43 - Old School Salty
44 - Classics Spencer
45 - Robo Henry
46 - Heroes Diesel
47 - Classics Emily
48 - Racers Dash49 - Classics Paxton
50 - Dino Stephen
51 - Classics Victor
52 - Old School Scruff
53 - Classics Bill
54 - Neon Bert
55 - Classics Luke
56 - Spooky Porter
57 - Thomas as Superman
58 - Diesel 10 D-10 as the Joker
59 - Millie as Harley Quinn
60 - Spencer as Cyborg


  1. 19- Super Thomas
    20- Classic Percy
    21- Dino James
    22- Metallic Gordon
    23- Metallic Edward
    24- Classic Salty
    25- Mono Spencer
    26- Robot Toby
    27- Classic Diesel
    28- Neon Bash
    29- Super Hiro
    30- Classic Millie
    31- Robot Charlie
    32- Classic Sidney
    33- Dino Ben
    34- Classic Skarloey
    35- Mono Luke
    36- Dino Gator
    37- Classic Samson

    61- Golden Thomas
    62- Metallic Percy
    63- Neon James
    64- Classic Gordon
    65- Racing Spencer
    66- Winter Edward
    67- Classic Toby
    68- Neon Henry
    69- Classic Bash
    70- Spooky Diesel 10
    71- Classic Hiro
    72- Robot Millie
    73- Classic Charlie
    74- Winter Sidney
    75- Classic Ben
    76- Winter Skarloey
    77- Classic Gator
    78- Classic Porter
    79- Super Samson
    80- Charlie as The Riddler
    81- Thomas as Batman
    82- James as The Flash
    83- Percy as Robin

    1. The site I found the info on used slightly different names for some of the series characters so to convert from what I gave you to match your list do the following:

      Mono = Old School
      Winter = Chillin'
      Super = Heroes


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