Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thomas MINIS Advent Calendar!

Warning: don't read this post if you don't want to know what's inside the 2016 Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar from Fisher Price!

Day 1: Classics Salty
Day 2: Old School Scruff
Day 3: Chillin' Skarloey
Day 4: Classics Thomas
Day 5: Classics Percy
Day 6: Classics Victor
Day 7: Classics D-10 (Diesel 10)
Day 8: Classics Charlie
Day 9: Classics Bash
Day 10: Chillin' Edward
Day 11: Chillin' Paxton
Day 12: Chillin' Sidney
Day 13: Old School Spencer
Day 14: Old School Diesel
Day 15: Dinos Stephen
Day 16: Neon Toby
Day 17: Robo Henry
Day 18: Robo Charlie
Day 19: Christmas Ben
Day 20: Christmas Toby
Day 21: Christmas Diesel
Day 22: Christmas James
Day 23: Christmas Henry
Day 24: Christmas Thomas (Santa Claus Thomas!)

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